What is Energy Coaching and How Does It Work?

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Individual Energy Session

VIP Monthly Energy Session with Bonus - Recurring

VIP Monthly Energy Session with Bonus – Recurring


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Energy Coaching Packages 

Let’s get straight to it – You’re connected, tuned-in, and ready for nutrition & health solutions that support & elevate your physical body in a way that fully supports your energy, mind, spirit, and growth.

Superhuman Health is about connecting to the highest vibrational foods, drinks, breathwork, and reconnection practices that will elevate, align, cleanse, and deeply nourish your physical body, allowing it to be the BEST vehicle (temple) to accomplish your purpose work and live an activated, passionate, vibrant and joyful life in this world.

The programs & courses below are designed to wholly support you & your mission.
Take a look & reach out to me any time with questions.


Terra is a gifted woman on so many levels. She approaches whatever she does with a high level of enthusiasm and positive outlook. She conducted a long distance reading on a family member and I was astounded by the results within 48 hours. She also did a long distance session on me. While she knew of some of my issues she identified some areas I had not shared with her.
Within 3 days I was feeling better and I now have some go to supplements for those kind of moments. I will definitely use her services again and highly recommend her.

Debra FleegerRetired Entrepreneur & Sound Healer

Terra is one of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. I've struggled with health issues, depression, family struggles and barriers my entire life. I've gone to many doctors and worked with life coaches. And I eel that all of that prepared me to meet and work with Terra. She has a way of making you feel loved and understood whether she knows your story or not. I leave sessions feeling lighter, calmer, Moore and peace and excited for my future! Everything is connected and this work is so important in your steps to healing and becoming your best self!

Ashley WestonWriter

Working with Terra has been absolutely transformative. From day one she has helped me connect to my own power by guiding me to listen, love and trust myself. I had to make some hard decisions and big shifts in my life, and she supported me through it in so many ways. I've experienced many vulnerable, intense, emotional and spiritual experiences with her and she has always held such a comforting presence for all of it, helping me release pain from my past that doesn't serve me and make energetic shifts that have brought profound relief. The experiences I've had with Terra have been undeniable and the results have been life changing as I took action and made choices to create the reality I wanted and needed, all with her support, guidance and encouragement.

Julie Barney BentonClinical Therapist