Discover What This Private Invite Is All About

A Semi-Private Group Coaching Experience Unlike Any Other

The power of this experience is in the amplification of the genuine and unwavering feminine support – often only dreamed about – that you will receive in a space where you feel truly honored by those around you.

You will naturally feel yourself being seen, held, loved and elevated in every way.

Through our time together, you will find yourself  becoming ALL of you, with us by your side.

"This group is the only place on the planet where I can be 100% Me. All of it, no matter what I bring, I am supported and always leave our calls feeling on top of the world with clarity and direction. I hope this group lasts forever." - Rana S.


More than ever, women need each other and a space to deeply heal, regenerate, connect and elevate.

A place to BE all of THEMSELVES and speak, release and ELEVATE.

This is your invitation to dip into your feminine flow, the allowance of how your BEingness is ENOUGH and the relinquishment of the PUSH.

A place where you can deeply relax, be held, allow yourself to be completely seen and loved ALL WHILE…

Being elevated to your absolute best – easily and effortlessly. This is a space where you meet levels of yourself that you haven’t yet known and shed layers that simply are no longer who you are.

I know your standard for excellence and next level living is alive and well.

Together, we are going to remember how to rise, wildly in love, with WHAT IS right now.

This is an invitation to become all of you, with us by your side.

When You RSVP Yes

  • We Start July 13th, 2021 and go through January 13th, 2021
  • Our first In-Person Session is July 13th at 6pm {Details to Follow}
  • Sessions: 2 in-person experiences per month and the schedule is based on your availability
  • You will join the Private Messaging Group where you will be able to connect, receive feedback and share with your sisters between sessions
  • You will receive weekly new, fresh, what-you-need meditations / downloads / tuned-in guidance sessions delivered straight to your inbox
  • The Investment is $1200 for the entire 6 months. This covers all of your food, activities and the coaching experience

If you have any questions for me, I’m yours anytime. Text me at 480-628-8781 or message me on WhatsApp.

I am fierce about having your back, loving ALL of you and supporting your growth in every way possible.

No matter what comes up, we will go through it together.

Should you choose this is the perfect timing for you, I believe this will be one of the most powerful 6 months of your life.

Alongside a gorgeous group of women, we will face big, specifically chosen challenges to break open the places we’ve shut down, remove the fears that can feel so real but have no place in our lives anymore, rediscover our joy and return home to ourselves.



This program has changed me. Period. Terra has a unique gift of helping people face whatever they need to face in order to better themselves. It’s not easy, but she makes it doable and enjoyable. It’s really easy to implement small changes that can have lasting effects
on your life. I went into this program with specific intentions on what I wanted to change, and came out with a completely different attitude and a realization that those changes were only secondary to what I really needed to transform – my thought process and my life. If you
have ever felt lost, frustrated, depressed, confused, et cetera, I highly recommend this transformation for you; it will save your life if you’re willing to let it.

Stacia K.Project Manager

Terra will change your life, if you let her. It can be hard, terrifying and confronting, but on the other side of that, your life will be elevated in a way I can't even explain. Join. Don't look back. That is all.

Sheila P.Film Producer

I have come out of my crazy world and have really never been more optimistic and HAPPY! I really do credit you, and your group for this. I've made a few life-changing decisions recently. I realized that if I need to start something, I need to do it NOW. There is no point in waiting anymore. I don't want to be sitting here a year from now in the same position, feeling the same things and taking the same actions. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for getting me to this point!!

Laura L.Health Coach & Mama