Say YES to taking off the layers you’ve been taught to be true about yourself, tune in to your power and choose to act from the guidance being given to you from within, RIGHT NOW.

This unlocks extraordinary energy and brilliant health while activating ascended relationships and creating the impact you’re here to have.

Ready to exude the confidence to say “this is my best life ever?”


Activate your genius, build ascended relationships, tune in to your power & create unshakeable trust in yourself. This podcast is all about living an elevated life in tune with the guidance you receive from your heart / God / higher self.

Deep dive with us on energy, impact & creating superhuman health ...

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There is no competition in this world for the one who walks her own path.

There is a force that resides in the woman who has built herself day by day (often moment by moment). Something much more powerful than anything earthly… … and this woman is capable of anything, because she does not live by the law of fleeting ideas, but instead by the laws of the universe.

She’s here to stay, she can stare scrutiny in the face while standing in grace, she is ready to, and already, building herself and her purpose work - Version 10.0 - and she will stop at nothing to rock the world right back to its connected, loving, ignited feet.

We now live in a world where making big money, big impact and doing it RIGHT NOW are no longer a nicety, but a necessity. You know in your bones that you were born for what’s before you.

I know in my bones, we were born to do it together. If you’re interested in support, a team, a sisterhood that so fiercely has your back they will not let you fail and they will sure-as-sunrise be there for you with whatever you need (the HIGH highs and the what-am-I-doing lows), let’s chat.

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Superhuman Health is about connecting to the highest vibrational foods, drinks, breathwork, and reconnection practices that will elevate, align, cleanse, and deeply nourish your physical body, allowing it to be the BEST vehicle (temple) to accomplish your purpose work and live an activated, passionate, vibrant and joyful life in this world.

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Galaxies exist far beyond what the human eye can see or brain can comprehend. These galaxies also exist within you. As within, so without. As above, so below.

You are raw, unlimited pure potential packed into a human. In energy connection sessions, I connect to and "read" the energy signature or "book" that is you and your life. Through this, I work with what your body/mind/energy complex are ready and want to address.

Clients rapidly clear through obsolete energy patterns, clear belief systems keeping them stuck, release stuck pain in their bodies... and so much more.

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Terra has an immediate presence and impact that is a striking combination of joy, love and power.
I cannot explain HOW she is able to play such a powerful role in my journey but I can confidently say I have reached growth and transformation that I cannot otherwise imagine achieving without having connected with Terra.

Dr. Jonathan Brennan

My experience working with Terra is pure clarity, transformation, and acceleration. Her intuition and coaching is powerful, direct, and reveals exactly what needs to be shifted at that exact moment in order for rapid acceleration towards your goals. Working with Terra, you can expect to learn HUGE lessons in minutes, instead of years. I'm so excited to see many shifts, successes in just a few DAYS. I'm honored to call her a mentor.

Morgan LuluHypnosis Practitioner

Terra Rose is so inspiring. Her words, her thoughts, and her energy are truly uplifting and motivating. She is a powerful speaker, and a skillful healer. Just being around her makes me feel better! She is soulful, grounded, lively, and committed to helping people create real change in their lives."

Dr. Tara PeymanNaturopathic Doctor of Medicine

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