Activating Superhuman Health on a Cellular Level

Superhuman Health is at the intersection of science and intuition. Utilizing her intuitive ability to read your body, numerous health certifications, and clinical work alongside doctors, Terra creates an individualized protocol based on your medical history and current concerns. 

Your Superhuman Health plan is about connecting to the highest vibrational foods, drinks, breath work, and reconnection practices that will elevate, align, cleanse, and deeply nourish your physical body. You will come to see your body as the BEST vehicle (temple) to accomplish your purpose work and activate your life with passion, vibrance and joy.

The End of Guessing: We Cut Straight to the Issue & Get You Feeling Better Now

This private health consult is an effective, rapid-fire way to get to the bottom of the health challenges you’re experiencing.

Following a short intake form and a conversation to create a snapshot of what you’re going through, we will have a 1 hour session.

As strange as wireless printing – but we know it works – I read your energy & body like words on a page of a book to understand what’s going on for you at a core level.

Following the session, you will receive a protocol with lifestyle and nutrition recommendations tailored to your unique challenges, designed to support your body in feeling better quickly.


Terra has an incredible gift to read energy and support transitions. Even from afar. I had the privilege of working with Terra on passion projects long distance for over 2 years and we were deeply connected even over phone and video sessions. She could tap into things that I couldn’t verbalize and really knows heath and anatomy to get your spirit and body aligned. I would highly recommend her work both in person and long distance. It’s life changing.

Angie Johnson

Terra Rose is so inspiring. Her words, her thoughts, and her energy are truly uplifting and motivating. She is a powerful speaker, and a skillful healer. Just being around her makes me feel better! She is soulful, grounded, lively, and committed to helping people create real change in their lives.

Dr. Tara Peyman

"You have completely changed my life!! I don't know what I would do without you. I wish I would have met you 5 years ago."

Michelle Roy

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