I know it’s scary.
It’s scary to leap before you’re ready.
It’s scary to do something that no one understands.
It’s scary to say YES when everyone thinks it’s safer to say NO.
By the way, it is safer to say no.
{But we’re not here to live “safely.”}


It’s scary to run when you’re not sure your legs can carry you.
It’s scary to think you might end up on top of your life, alone.
It’s scary to live wildly alive.
It’s scary to set yourself free.
It’s only scary BEFORE you take the leap. And no…not a half-assed leap to the edge.
The leap where you hurl yourself off the edge and decide that you FULLY TRUST there will be a net.
AND? You then find that you don’t even care if there isn’t one because you know that if you keep flapping your wings, you WILL FLY.
You have to. You must. It’s a universal law that if you DECIDE you CAN and you leap, you WILL.
The pain of the fear will dissipate and life will become completely different in an instant. All that’s been pent up inside of you no longer on lock down due to refusal of unleashing what’s in your heart.
There will be growing pains. It will get really tough. You will have to learn how to fight.
Fighting is what creates the ultimate flow.
Fighting is the tangible to flows intangible. It’s the grounding to flow’s flight.
But the reward? There is NOTHING like the reward of fulfillment because you’re doing work that you came here to do. You were born to fulfill. Lives you were born to impact, a planet you were born to heal.
Trust the process.
Go now.
The world needs your brilliance.

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