That spot… right where the cold, red brick walls meet.
My tiny, 1st grade self, stuck between utter joy & total fear and shyness.
“What is that?”
“Ew. That looks so gross.”
“Why is it so mushy?”
All the kids gathered around me like pack animals ready to eat their dinner.
I managed to meekly squeak out, “It’s, it’s … the snack I made of baked bananas and cinnamon.”
A teacher finally came by and told the kids to leave me alone.
I didn’t go to kindergarten, so 1st grade was super exciting to me.
I couldn’t wait… so of course, I wrote my very own recipe for snack time,
made it,
put the note card in my special recipe box and took it to the first day of school… because… what else would you bring for snack if you didn’t make it at home?
A lot of things it turned out.
All the kids seemed to have some variation of …
* Hard, yet fragile, orange triangles in plastic bags,
* Sticky things that rolled in a loop and stuck to some kind of plastic,
* Brightly colored round hexagons with goo in the middle,
* And long bright yellow, hard sticks in what looked like a tinfoil bag…
What in the world were they eating, I wondered.
At that moment, I felt shocked. I didn’t have any reference as to how to handle it.
I didn’t know what to say to them or how to stand up for myself.
What I didn’t know then, that I know now, was that my state had changed for the 1st time ever to “fight or flight.”
Have you felt cornered with no way out during the last few months?
Heck, not even just the last few months, but in life, in general?
Cornered for what you believe,
For your wants and needs (when they weren’t honored or someone else didn’t understand why you had that need in the first place)
In your relationship,
while parenting,
while trying to start and launch a business?
I get it.
Being fully ourselves, until we have the full toolset to back ourselves up, can feel overwhelming, confusing and so.deeply.challenging.
And, also…
There’s always a way out.
Not just out, UP.
There’s always something we haven’t yet thought of, which… we can command our subconscious minds to think of IMMEDIATELY.
Say to yourself,
SHOW ME HOW TO {Insert what you WANT to see happen}.
There’s always another way.
Today, I sit here and smile because part of my business, and much of my life revolves around making & teaching others how to make WEIRD bright purple and bright green things (aka: superfood recipes) that totally transform people’s bodies.) And? I LOVE IT.
But, I also wonder… where in your life do you need to ask your subconscious mind to find a DIFFERENT solution?
Where is it time to break free of old patterns of being?
Where will you finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and work your way out of the proverbial corner?
It’s time. And?
I’ve got your back.
P.S. Snack answers …
* Doritos
* Fruit roll up’s
* Gushers
* Cheetos

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