I woke up gasping for depth and truth, like one would gasp for air.

I laid there just feeling it.
Feeling the simultaneous experiences of sadness, anger and deception coursing through my body.

I wasn’t searching for it from a certain person, and technically, nothing should seem “wrong” but still, I couldn’t breathe.
Suddenly, the need to be satiated by that which feeds the soul ravenously overtook my mind and body.

All of the ways we are led astray coursed through my being…

  • Led to believe we have limits, of any kind, at any time,
  • Led to believe all of the foods & products being marketed to us are actually helping us (10 minutes… not hours, not days… MINUTES after food is picked, it loses the majority of its nutrients. I’ll let you run down the rabbit hole from here),
  • Led to believe we are somehow broken and need to be fixed. All.the.time.
  • Led to believe that “self help” is the way to the best life… when, in fact… it falls so short of your creative genius & brilliance,
  • Led to believe our thoughts are our own about not being good enough, not being strong enough, not being ENOUGH at all,
  • Led to believe that fear is just a natural state of being so we should surrender to it,
  • Led to believe that somehow, we’re not actually living in a totally magical multiverse in which our very existence is DESIGNED to EXPAND and CREATE

Guys, it just HURT. It made my whole being ache.

I suddenly wanted to dig my fingers into the very seams of this largely falsified reality and begin ripping it apart…
Throwing the solvent of your inner power all over fear and separation and not-enoughness…
Letting the sparkle & magic & brilliance & REAL… the R E A L   T R U T H S… just pour out all over everything.

You deserve to not just know, but know how to embody & live your truth through your inherent power & ability to create.

It’s time.

Hang with me.

To your freedom,


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