It’s been one year.

One year since I declared I was going to “find wild,” without knowing fully what that meant or how in the actual hell to go find it.

One year since I went rogue, packed up all of my belongings, put my mini husky in the front seat, paused my entire life in the name of NOT settling for permanent mediocrity & started a no-destination 3 month road-trip.

One year since I went searching for my sparkle, even though I knew where it was hiding, but went searching none-the-less because I just.couldn’t.access it.

One year.
And everything has changed.
Even though only one thing had to.

One year.
The whole landscape of my life is different.
But the only one that really matters is the same – it’s just illuminated.

One year.
And the advice I would give the 365-days-ago her?

Baby, you were just as lovable,
Just as talented,
Just as loved,
Just as capable,
Just as YOU as you are now…

Just now?
There are a lot less layers of obsolete bullshit beliefs & there’s a lot more freedom for flow.

Just know, you were already her.
Oh, and, good job 🥰😘


Ps. I’m usually not the type to share my personal journey this intimately… but I feel drawn to sharing, in case it can help ONE other person launch their heart & soul back to their own sparkle & truth.

So, with that… I have a LOT to share from my year long journey… and I’m still piecing it into words… stay tuned, more tomorrow.

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