Around 3am this morning, I woke up laughing so hard I was in tears.
I had a ridiculous dream about receiving a souvenir for making a return at a store.
The souvenir? Was a flimsy plastic basket with a bunch of $10 off oil change coupons.
I started laughing in my dream and woke up with tears running down my cheeks laughing so hard.


Joy is our natural state of being,
Flow is our natural state of “getting things done,”
And peace is our natural state of mind.

Learning the art of living and leading through the lens of joy, flow and peace is a product of creating a healthy body-mind-spirit complex.
There are infinite ways to lead & to live, through the grind, stress and pain OR through joy, love, flow and peace… BOTH are options and it’s up to US to choose which we want.
{And YES, both can lead to awesome results, awesome finances, awesome connections, awesome… well… everything.}

Leading through the lens of joy, flow and peace is not a mystery only a few can attain, it’s a matter of setting up our subconscious minds through creating conscious patterns that support our nervous systems in accessing the parasympathetic state more often, feeding our bodies that best nutrition on the planet, connecting into the wellspring of source energy that’s always available and fully TUNING OUT the excess noise of the world.

Often times in our world today, we start to question ourselves once we start to feel good…
When work becomes easy…
When we love our lives so much…

Thoughts run around inside our ¬†minds like…

“Maybe I’m missing something. It can’t be THAT easy, can it?”
“In order to be valuable, I have to grind.¬†Work harder. PROVE myself.”
“I deserve to be happy when I accomplish XYZ.”

And on… and on.

I’m here to tell you that those voices ARE NOT YOUR OWN and they ARE NOT TRUE.

The more you run source energy through your body,
And the more you connect to the true essence of who you are,
And the more you just LET you be YOU – with all your sparkly quirks & pieces & brilliance hanging out there,
And the more you ALLOW yourself to SHINE FREE,
…you will find yourself literally & metaphorically waking up laughing, feeling magically alive & trusting life again.

YOU DESERVE IT ALL, but you have to claim it.


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