Who you are TODAY, right now… is brilliance beyond measure.
Tomorrow, more of your genius will emerge.

Please, STOP believing you have to change something about you to BE ENOUGH.

THE SECRET IS OUT… You’re an effervescent (sparkly, bubbly, glorious), ever-changing masterpiece.

And it’s true…

Who you are today is not who you’ll be tomorrow.
Today you’re enough.
Tomorrow, you will be too.
Today offers experiences, moments, ideas, impact… all sorts of things that will shape you, expand you, contract you, open you, heal you, and make you MORE you.

You can’t really put a label on YOU because you’re not ONE thing.

You’re multiple colors & strokes & brushes & ideas on life’s ever-expanding canvas.

The three core truths, more important than ANYTHING else, for you to know…
1. YOU ARE WHOLE RIGHT NOW. There is nothing to change to be enough.

2. Once you can truly lean in to that, YOU WILL REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Because? EVERYTHING is available to you in the present moment.

3. Finally, from this place of WHOLENESS, we create and mold and dance with our PURE POTENTIAL.

We’re always creating, expanding, growing & shaping reality.

So, embracing #1 does not mean saying “I’ll stay exactly like THIS for the rest of my life.”

It IS saying that if you did, you could LOVE it times infinity and be perfectly joyful with how ENOUGH you already are.

AND then… once you LOVE YOU, ACCEPT YOU, give patience and compassion and kindness to YOU, you remember who you fully are, the immense power permeating from your very being roars forth…

AND then… standing on a solid foundation of ENOUGHness – you can launch off of your foundation to create whatever you want because YOU ARE pure potential. ANYTHING you can imagine, and CLEAR the way for, you CAN create.

So babe, splash your unique colors all over today’s canvas, SPARKLE, SPARKLE, SPARKLE…

UNLEASH that which is inside of your soul…
… and know, tomorrow you will be different again, and that’s ENOUGH too. ⚡️🍍🌶

I’m loving your colors today… 😘

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