Oh my love, put your swords down. ⚔️
You’ve been at war with yourself.

But oh my darling, it’s not your fault.
Do not take on the blame.

This war started long before you were born and has been passed on for a long while.

It’s a war we are TAUGHT to wage against ourselves.
It’s hostile and hidden.
It’s sneaky and slimy.
It’s deceitful and dooming.

It beats the drum of “you’re not quite there but you will be WHEN…”

It makes us believe that we must ALWAYS, always be something a little bit different than what we ARE NOW to be enough. 🙅🏼‍♀️

But now, my love, it is truly time to put down our swords.

To stop fighting against our true nature.

To LOVE what we are RIGHT now and stop demanding change of ourselves as if we are so broken and unworthy of brilliant greatness.

You are a CREATOR.
The architect of your life.
The sculptor of reality.

YOU have the multiverse INSIDE of you, beating as YOU.

Be jazzed about all you are RIGHT NOW.
Know that there is nothing to change in order to be good enough.
To be loved.
To be held.
To be seen.

Go dream,



dance &

splash YOU all over the world. 💃🏼

Your teams,
your relationships,
your whole world is waiting for you to JUST BE YOU.

Now is a great time for that.

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