I find my fingers hesitating, hovering just above the keyboard wondering exactly what I should write.

How do I communicate with you the depths of my heart?

How do I extend the very passion & love & connection I feel for you through mere words on a screen?

How do I articulate that no, this isn’t some kind of lip service void of meaning – possibly the kind you’ve experienced before.

How do I tell you that I care so deeply about you,
and I care that in this lifetime you get to unleash what’s inside of you – the REAL stuff bubbling up,
and I care that you know the true effect of your energy on all those who come into contact with you,
and my heart aches & yearns & desires more than anything that you come to KNOW in your bones that
… to walk this life with you.

I want to be.

I want to hear about the bad days and the great ones.

I want to know what makes your heart ache, what you yearn for & crave.

I want to know how you’ve felt broken, so we can place your pieces back together in a way that brings more of YOU & your joy out.

I want to know what your deepest desires draw you towards OR maybe… the ones you once had that now feel like a distant memory.
Because maybe? Life has scarred the very place where your heart used to beat with unwavering passion.

I want you to know babe, that I’ve got you.
And that’s a promise I will keep.


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