If ever the magic starts to fade,
If your ears become deaf to the sounds of the birds,
If your heart has tightened and the love feels lost…

…just listen…

“Come here,” she whispers.

“Come here and sit for awhile. I’ll remind you that the magic can’t be lost, because the magic is you.

And I love you so much that I’ve had the choir of birds singing your favorite songs this whole time — I knew you’d come back.

And your heart, my love, your heart is still made of gold & grace & grandiose dreams… it just needs to come here, and sit awhile… to listen.

You’ll remember, I’m sure of it.”

-Mama Nature

Life wants you, babe.
People want to hear you, know you, understand you, be around you, love you, make love TO you…

The light of the cosmos wants to stream through you, so make room for it.

The love of the universe craves being felt by you, claimed as one with you and honored as the force that governs you.

Heart forward, smile on… everything is OKAY… and it’s on its way to GREAT.

Be present for it, it’s time to let the thoughts of the past be done haunting your NOW.

You’re worth it.


The Magic of Buena Vista, CO

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