Throwback to 2015, and the lessons being learned through building a superfood supplement company…


This morning I got to the post office to ship some orders too early, so I had to stand in line for 5 minutes (I do not like wasting time like this, but I decided to just observe). I was 5 people back in line.

A cute mom with her son were in the very front and a woman in a sweet white sundress were behind her.

They were chatting up a storm. The girl in the sundress asked the mom what she did and the mom replied:

“Oh, I mmm, I’m a (***studders***) I’m-a-a consultant for Rodan + Fields.”

I was so confused. Like, did she not know what she did? But okay. So, I kept eavesdropping.

I add all of the ridiculousness like “I was eavesdropping” and the sarcasm because I WAS being judgmental and was not totally in my soul self. This happens when someone is holding up a huge shiny mirror for us.

I don’t know this woman.
I don’t know her husband (although she did announce she had one and he was never home until 10pm because he coaches at a high school).
I don’t know her support system or if she has one.
I don’t know what her beliefs are like.
I don’t know why her confidence is nearly below zero even though she has a smokin’ hot body for a mom (for any woman) and is clearly in great shape.

I know nothing about her – so why was I fiercely angry at her mediocrity this morning?

Because I have outrageously high standards for myself – most of which I had not lived up to this particular morning.

I woke up at 5am and drove to Gilbert from Sedona.
I did a bunch of stuff – but I didn’t do the MOST important stuff.

I had not yet elevated my productivity to an acceptable level for ME.
I had not yet been confident enough to make a couple of the moves I WANTED TO MAKE.
So instead of seeing her as God, just as she is. Trying her best with what’s she’s got (and what she believes… because we know this is what drives her)

Watch your judgments. Put them in your own face.
Figure out where you’re NOT showing up. Probably not even coming close.
THEN, take a full stop and meditate for 10 minutes – become mindful, align back within yourself and FLY.

This world needs more love.
MORE happy-great-you WILL SUCCEED vibes.

And I know I’m not the only one who judges when she feels less-than.

Time to step it right on up my darlings.



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